Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Zara A/W 2013

From first sight i fell in love with the Zara autumn winter collection. It is all quite simply, perfect. Every piece is so on trend currently; boyfriend coats, contrast collars, plaid. It is causing me to longer for the cooler months which are rapidly approaching, something i'd never have believed myself to have said two months ago. Oh i just want it all. Literally. I've compiled a heavily cut down wish list of the items which i am really really wanting.

1  ~  2  ~  3  ~  4  ~  5  ~  6  ~  7  ~  8

Lots of Love, Melissa xx


  1. Love that vintage touch! You really have a nice blog, ¿Can we follow each other?
    Im starting to post assiduously so I would love to know your opinion, here is mine:

    Best Regards,

  2. ahhh zara did good! that first photo, the girls are dressed amazingly

    ordaining serendipity

    1. they really did! their outfits are just perfection

  3. im a sucker for a collared shirt/dress and i've recently falling back in love with tartan. So this collection is perfect!!
    I went a bit crazy in zara this weekend, they've got it spot on lately x

    1. It is literally perfect for you then!
      I think I may have to go on a crazy shop in there too soon :D