Friday, 12 April 2013

Easter 'Revision' Playlist

So the last few weeks have been spent attempting to cram the last 2-3 years of school work into my mind - to absolutely no avail. This certainly isn't helped by my ability to completely procrastinate my day away, leading to many completely unproductive days... However, during these torturous periods, music becomes even more of my true love, making the endurance ever so slightly more durable. So these are few songs on my current playlist to help the time pass by...

Foals - Late Night
Jake Bugg - Seen It All
King Charles - Love Lust
Imagine Dragons - It's Time
Dog Is Dead - Teenage Daughter
Local Natives - Breakers
Lewis Watson - Into The Wild
POLICA - Wandering Star
Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait

Lots of Love, Melissa xx

Monday, 8 April 2013


On Wednesday  i have a shopping trip planned with a friend to London so i thought i would share with you a few of the items which i am hoping to purchase. I am in such desperation for this trip, revision is overtaking my life currently and i need to step out of it to restore my sanity! The best place to do so has to be in Oxford Street :)

1. Dress - H&M
2. Pink Blouse - Topshop
3. Dungarees - Topshop
4. White Blouse - H&M
5. T-Bar Shoes - Topshop
5. Shorts - Topshop
7. Wedges - Urban Outfitters

I am also hoping to pick up this gorgeous denim pinafore (yes another one!) from River Island as well as some MUA lipsticks and nail polishes - for only £1, who can resist! 

Lot of Love, Melissa xx