Sunday, 24 February 2013

It's been a busy few days!

This last week seems to have flown past absurdly fast and now, it is Monday morning and i am currently writing this rather than getting ready for school - what can i say, procrastination is most certainly what i do best! I've had a week full of sleepovers, trips to London and Oxford, a visit to the Harry Potter studio tour, a concert and many little outings with little Lorrie. Despite how drained i now feel and a lack of work done (definitely not rested and ready to head back to school) it was so lovely just to be able to spend time with friends and family, making the most of the time before the real work kicks in.
So i thought i would share with you a little snippet of my life this past week - 

(I need these in my wardrobe so badly!)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

The retreat to our youth

So a recent obsession of mine has to be clothes which are predominantly fit for my 2 year old cousin. Girly, youthful pieces which make us nostalgic for our past - right now i don't think much better exists!

My up most favorite of these has to be pinafore dresses and dungarees. They're simple shape makes them wearable with most things and non-dependent on the season. Alexa Chung provides some of my favorite demonstrations of this trend, her array of pinafores and dungarees are made to look so youthful, pretty and versatile - i can't wait to explore this trend further! I am in absolute adoration of t-bar shoes, the pretty buckles and holes make me reminiscent of the childhood days where i wear these to school. I'm adamant to buy myself a pair of these for summer! The last thing i love our knitted floral tights. Despite the approaching of warmer months i am hoping to purchase a pair of these for the cooler days to wear with denim shorts or, pinafore dresses :')

Lots of Love,
Melissa xx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

A mini haul...

To shop is most probably one of my favorite activities. Through a maths lesson this week i found myself dreaming about the possibility of shopping for a living - that was a very good daydream! To spend days endlessly wondering through shops picking out beautiful clothes, i don't think there is anything which could be more perfect! Over the last week I've had a few shopping trips in a variety of locations - Oxford Street and Brick Lane were most certainly my favorite. Nothing beats Topshop on Oxford Street, i could have easily spent hours pondering through everything, allowing myself to get lost through the reams of products. So i thought i would briefly share with you a few of my favorite purchases of my trips :')

 Tartan scarf - Rokit
Blue lace trim socks - Topshop
Touche clat - YSL, Selfridges

Pink lace collared blouse - Forever 21

 Crochet crop top - Topshop

Blue patterned long sleeved shirt - New Look

 Lace trimmed cream shirt - Topshop

Super soft jeans - Topshop

 Light denim skater skirt - New Look

I hope that you enjoyed this post and there should hopefully be another one up soon! Feel free to comment or ask any questions below...
Lots of Love, Melissa xx