Saturday, 2 February 2013

A mini haul...

To shop is most probably one of my favorite activities. Through a maths lesson this week i found myself dreaming about the possibility of shopping for a living - that was a very good daydream! To spend days endlessly wondering through shops picking out beautiful clothes, i don't think there is anything which could be more perfect! Over the last week I've had a few shopping trips in a variety of locations - Oxford Street and Brick Lane were most certainly my favorite. Nothing beats Topshop on Oxford Street, i could have easily spent hours pondering through everything, allowing myself to get lost through the reams of products. So i thought i would briefly share with you a few of my favorite purchases of my trips :')

 Tartan scarf - Rokit
Blue lace trim socks - Topshop
Touche clat - YSL, Selfridges

Pink lace collared blouse - Forever 21

 Crochet crop top - Topshop

Blue patterned long sleeved shirt - New Look

 Lace trimmed cream shirt - Topshop

Super soft jeans - Topshop

 Light denim skater skirt - New Look

I hope that you enjoyed this post and there should hopefully be another one up soon! Feel free to comment or ask any questions below...
Lots of Love, Melissa xx


  1. aaaah the pretty shirt!! love the tartan scarf too, i really like your blog xx

    1. ahh yes! it's literally so beautiful! thank you so much, your blog is literally one of my very favorites xx