Sunday, 10 February 2013

The retreat to our youth

So a recent obsession of mine has to be clothes which are predominantly fit for my 2 year old cousin. Girly, youthful pieces which make us nostalgic for our past - right now i don't think much better exists!

My up most favorite of these has to be pinafore dresses and dungarees. They're simple shape makes them wearable with most things and non-dependent on the season. Alexa Chung provides some of my favorite demonstrations of this trend, her array of pinafores and dungarees are made to look so youthful, pretty and versatile - i can't wait to explore this trend further! I am in absolute adoration of t-bar shoes, the pretty buckles and holes make me reminiscent of the childhood days where i wear these to school. I'm adamant to buy myself a pair of these for summer! The last thing i love our knitted floral tights. Despite the approaching of warmer months i am hoping to purchase a pair of these for the cooler days to wear with denim shorts or, pinafore dresses :')

Lots of Love,
Melissa xx

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