Saturday, 3 August 2013

My Favourite Recent Purchases

I haven't been shopping a lot recently, mainly due to lacking money after a rather large post birthday shopping trip - my life is an ongoing cycle of obscene shopping and then having no money i swear. However, there have been a few things i've bought recently which i'm loving too much not to share with you. Despite the recent heat i seem to have been lead towards buying some much more autumn/winter fitting items, such as the boots and dress. I'd been admiring cut out boots and shoes for months so decided i just had to get myself a pair, they'll certainly be one of my staple winter items. The book is a preparation for my impending a-levels which are rapidly approaching and I bought the Luther box set due to becoming slightly in love with the recent series (i have a tendancy to do this with any good crime drama!) Last week, a friend and I took a trip to the American Apparel flee market in Brick Lane. From here i bought the blue skater skirt and bikini top which is just the perfectest thing. I'd been lusting after it when it was originally introduced and therefore was overjoyed to find it there for only a fraction of the price. Lastly my mum treated me to this bag from ebay which is practically a replica of the Zara with the intentions of it being a school bag for next year, however it will certainly be getting a lot more use prior to this!

Lots of Love, Melissa xx

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