Thursday, 17 January 2013

A little introduction to my world...

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I've been wanting to create a blog for a while now however due to revision and procrastination, it just doesn't seemed to have happened! However, schools incredible idea of study leave has left me with a four day weekend, so I thought I would use this time to start my blog!

So a little about myself.... my name is Melissa, I am 15 years old and i live remotely near to London, which i love! I also love shopping, clothes, music, photography, pretty things and interior decorations.

So i guess those are the kind of things which i am planning to post onto my blog; my outfits, shopping trips, playlists, interests and so on...

I'm very excited to start this and I hope you enjoy my blog,
Lots of Love, Melissa xx

Instagram - melissabarkerx
Tumblrs - chaiiilatte (film photography) & futuristical dreamer (fashion) 
Flickr - flourishing-serendipity


  1. Hello, im 15 too , i just love seeing blogs from people similar ages to me , could you please check out my blog xx

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