Saturday, 2 March 2013

Urban Outfitters wish list

Urban Outfitters is currently an absolute beauty. I've been addicted to the website recently, continuously checking for more items for me to desire with my empty bank account. Oh my, i just want everything! Sometimes i find that Urban Outfitters can present styles which seem too far fetched however this season every item is perfect - literally, trying to narrow down my favorites to make this was extremely challenging!

Everything is just so perfect. I absolutely love the vibrant colours of the first dress and last shirt  which would perfectly brighten up those typical dull English summer days. The dress is just so pretty, and looks like such a simple item to wear. Contrasting to the vibrant patterns, i also love the simplicity of the two white shirts. The lace shirt and peter pan collar shirt appear so versatile and so perfect for summer. Worn with skirts, shorts, jeans, dungarees...the list goes on and on! They'd just look so cute and simple! Next, those wedges are just so perfect (i think there is a slightly reoccurring word here...) They're not too high meaning i may actually be able to walk in them and could be worn all seasons - i think i'm just attempting to convince myself that these are a worthy investment! And lastly, the pinafore. sigh. It's evident through reading my blog of my 'slight' obsession with these and after trying this one on when in London, i fell in love once again. Honestly, the picture does the beauty of it entirely no justice but it is just so beautiful! Perfect for summer with one of those pretty white shirts :') 

Lots of Love, Melissa xx

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